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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Around the League...

Last night was the first game for six America East teams, and the first action for any of the league members since BU's stunning effort against #1 Duke:

UMass 67 Hartford 62
Columbia 64 New Hampshire 61
Niagara 71 Binghamton 56
UMBC 75 UM Eastern Shore 65
Villanova 78 Stony Brook 35
William & Mary 89 Maine 55

Pretty much an all-around pathetic showing for our conference-mates. Congrats to UMBC on their win, Hartford's effort was respectable, and Villanova is #4 in the nation - but the other three have no excuse. As easy as it is to revel in the defeat of our rivals, their crappiness will reflect directly on our own RPI rankings by the end of the year. These teams need to get better or we will get shafted by the NCAA selection committee at the end of the year.

Pretty excited to see how far Vermont will drop though, and we'll find out today when they play Harvard. Looks like Albany might be BU's only real competition for the AE this year.


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