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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Maestro

Photo credit: Sarah Gatzke and dailyfreepress.com

Our players played undeniably well last night, but the obvious star of the game last night was Coach Dennis Wolff. Every pre-and post-game quote from Coach K and the Duke players was about how "well-coached" the Terriers are. The ESPN2 announcers, Sean McDonough, Jay Bilas and Bill Raftery, spent more time kissing Wolff's ass than JJ Redick's!!

And now you can see why. Wolff came into the game with a plan to keep a bunch of untested youngsters competitive with the #1 team in the country. And it worked for a while too. He's a defensive genius, but he had already proven that. What was even more impressive was how he got the team to score some early points, not be intimidated, and dictate the tempo of the game all night long. And despite some redonkulous fouls called against us and some redonkulous non-calls against Duke, they were able to compete.

There's no better coach in the America East, for sure, and it won't be long before Wolff moves on to bigger and better things (which I have mentioned before). I just hope he stays for a few more years and a few more AE championships.


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