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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

We Lost

So angry right now, we lost to Michigan 51-46. I happened to be in the front row behind the basket, and there was such a sense of disappointment. There were a couple points in the game where we seemed to be pulling even, just to be stuck behind by a few points.

When Macon sank a three to pull within 48-46 with 13 seconds left, and when Hassan sank a three with 2 minutes left to pull within 46-43, those were the two moments we felt we were within striking distance.

But we came up a bit short tonight.


At 12:25 AM, Blogger ginzo said...

I was at the game tonight, Konate's dunks were unreal... Gaffney is so athletic and skilled, but he tries to make things much to fancy at times. Gardner was great in the first half, I have no clue why they stopped getting him the ball. They started using him in the high post, and turned a strength into a weakness by getting Gardner out of the post...


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