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Thursday, November 24, 2005

BU vs. Michigan "Leftovers"

Some Thanksgiving leftovers about BU's loss to Michigan on Tuesday. First, KG played out of his mind in the first half. He attacked the basket, sank his shots, and was a BEAST on defense (those long volleyball arms blocked 4 against Michigan's big inside guys). But, as commenter ginzo pointed out, he was much less of a force in the second half - he was almost invisible. Part of that was Michigan concentrating more on him in the second half, part of it was his accumulating fouls. But he certainly showed why he's a leader on the team - such a hard worker out there on the floor.

The play of the freshman was overall pretty good, but much less effective than against Duke. Michigan had clearly studied the game tape. Coblyn was completely ineffective, scoring one point and racking up 4 fouls in his 8 minutes of play. Hassan was cold in the first half, but I like how he always seems to want to shoot - and he stuck with his shot long enough to hit three big treys in the second half. Konate played well, but I'd love for him to get more involved on offense. His alley-oops from Wynn were sick, and as my friend Nick said, he always seemed to be around the ball during a turnover. Every time the ball came loose, Ibe seemed to come up with it.

Both Macon and Geffen seemed to have trouble running the point. I like Macon - he's super-quick and cut down on his turnovers from the Duke game, and he hit a couple huge three-pointers. But he couldn't push the offense from half-court. Often he spent 20 seconds dribbling around near half-court, leaving little time to create a shot - same thing happened against Duke. Hopefully this will improve against lesser opponents. Something we might want to try in the future is letting Wynn run the point and give more time to Gaffney and Hassan. Wynn played a great game against Michigan, hitting a three and serving up 7 assists (and only 2 turnovers).

Overall, a game I would have loved to win, and I think that we could have with a few bounces our way. But this Michigan team is much improved from the one we beat the last two years. I'm glad we're past two of our toughest games, and hopefully the guys will take away some good experience for the conference season.


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