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Sunday, November 13, 2005

1 More Day!

Well here it is, the eve of the start of the basketball season for the Terriers. I'm sure our boys are incredibly excited, especially considering they're playing #1 Duke, but I feel like I may be even more excited about than they are. I guess it's not really healthy to get that excited about something like this, but this is the last season I'll be around for every game.

I always hoped that we'd make the NCAA in one of the 4 years that I'll be at BU. Since we've failed to do that the last three years, it's going to have to be this year. As I have stated in previous posts, I really get the feeling that there's somethings special about the group of kids we have on the team right now. We can only wait and see what happens, but I seriously believe that this is the year we go dancin' again.

See you on T.V. tomorrow boys.


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