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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Damn Impressive

I think I can safely speak for all the true fans of BU basketball that last night was not a national embarrassment, it was more of a sign of good things to come. We saw a little bit of everyone, and the team really did look sharp, considering they were playing Duke. Of course we're not going to have 25 turnovers against any team in the America East, which was a big problem for us last night.

This game is exactly what the team needed to start the season off. Now that this game is behind us, we can focus on more important games and work on the problems that we saw last night.

Very impressive play by Coblyn, Hassan, and Konate, as well as our senior captains. It was a great game all around which is what we need since we don't have a stand out scorer yet. But the way our defense played, I don't think we'll need one, considering Duke averaged 112 points in two exhibition games, and only scored 64 last night. Bring on Michigan, I say, because I think we're ready.


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