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Monday, November 14, 2005

Tonights Starting Five

Sadly, the Freep didn't print our letter in response to that jackass whose name I can't pronounce, or any other letters in response to his illogical ramblings. On the bright side, there was a pretty good article concering tonights game against Duke, which let us in on tonights starting five.

Shawn Wynn and Kevin Gardner will of course be starting, as they have the most experience by far. Brian Macon will start at the point for the Terriers. Shooting guard and freshman Corey Hassan will also be starting, and I feel like everyone is excited to see what this kid can do. Ibrahim Konate will be starting at forward, which I assume is truly surpising to all fans who are following this team.

I think this is a good line up to have. It'll be tough to get the ball inside against Duke, so it seems like having three guards is a good idea. This should be a fun game to watch, even if we get blown out of the water, just because we get to see several players that none of us have seen play before. Tonights effort will be a fairly good indication as to how this season will play out.

In case you forgot, 7:30, ESPN2, tonight.

[UPDATE by Tall-boy] We're going to posting an open thread to discuss the game while it's going on, feel free to drop by and give us your thoughts on the game.


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