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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Also, Duke Players Can Accumulate 7 Fouls Each

Apparently, the NCAA uses early season tournaments like the Preseason NIT to test out some of its "experimental rules" that it might be considering for future seasons. Normally, this would be fine -- except that in this case, the rules seem tailor-made to give Duke all sorts of advantages! As if they don't already have every advantage imaginable! Via the game notes on the BU website:

  • "The three-point line will be extended to 20'9", 12 inches longer than the standard 19'9"."
    Well damn, why don't you just let J.J. Redick ride around on a moped? Of course, this new rule will benefit J.J. Redick and only J.J. Redick, the deepest-range 3-pt shooter in college basketball. Or rather, it won't as much benefit Redick as it will hinder everyone else.

  • "The free-throw lane will be extended by one foot on each side, increasing from 12' to a total of 14'."
    I'm no expert on this one, but I would say this rule benefits taller and stronger players, giving them more room to maneuver for position after free-throws. Hmm, who do you think has the taller and stronger post players?

  • "A restricted arc will be in place extending as a 3' radius from under the basket. Defenders standing in this arc cannot draw charges."
    I'll call this one a wash. It is obviously a detriment to defense-oriented teams like ours, but with the defensive beasts that Duke has down low, they will be hurt as well. However, Duke is more likely to aggressively drive to the basket than BU is, so we would likely have had more chances to draw the charge (also this is one of Kevin Gardner's specialties). So forget the wash, this is another one that goes against us.

    So there you have it: the NCAA blatantly bending the rules to protect its most lucrative cash cow. Or, you could say that these rule changes have no bearing whatsoever, since Duke holds the advantage in nearly every category already.

    Go Terriers!


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