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Friday, March 06, 2009


This is the first tournament that I'll be missing since 2003, but I almost don't mind since it's held in the depressing SEFCU Arena. Almost.

While the MAAC tournament is going on a few miles away in the impressive Times Union Center, or whatever it's called these days, the America East players and fans will be stuck in a box with no where to go, and nothing to do. The scoreboard is outdated. Most of the seats are pretty much benches, so if you don't want to be hunched over for 8 hours on Saturday, walk away now.

If you want to stretch your legs and walk around, there's a small walkway around the perimeter of the top of the stands, and that's about it. You can walk to the lobby, which is fairly small, but I don't think it can handle the restless crowds who have spent all day watching mediocre basketball.

And I'm hoping, for your sake, that they either bring in some outside vendors or step up their game in the food department. The last time I was there, your options were pretty much limited to a hot dog, nachos, or a pretzel, and that's about it.

So in conclusion, I'm hoping that America East decides never again to hold the tournament in Albany. I'd rather go to Binghamton for the next three years. And that's not easy for me to say.


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