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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bracket Bluster: The Iona Preview

Today is BracketBuster Saturday. While Vermont is on The Deuce (do people still call it that?) playing in a real Bracketbuster against Buffalo, at the same time BU will be stuck inside Case Gym playing a sub-.500 team in a "Bracketbuster Pool game." Unfortunately this does not mean they're playing Marco Polo.

Back during our 8-game winning streak (R.I.P.) I got cocky and complained about the quality of our opponent, Iona College. Right now, Iona is 12-15, under .500 in conference play, and sitting in 6th place in the MAAC. Their RPI is languishing in the low 100's. Basically, they're not very good.

But let's get real, we're not busting anyone's bracket they way we're playing lately. I predicted before the season that we'd get stuck with some shitty MAAC team, and we are, just like usual.

What BU needs more than a better BB opponent is some wins and getting back to playing the way we were before. And some rest. The guys look tired.

Corey is mad from being benched against Stony Brook. We could have won the game if he played, but I'm pretty glad he got some rest anyway. I hope it lights a fire under his ass for the rest of the season. Last time he was benched, he came back to play the best ball of his life.

FCP says Wolff is planning to start Lowe against Iona, so everybody's back on good terms. Wolff also says he's planning to play all the starters their regular minutes. I suppose he wants to get them back into the flow of how we were playing before, but I can't say I wouldn't like to see quite a few minutes of Valdas, Pelage and --dare I say it?-- the Rod.

(Nah.... never happen)

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At 4:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wolff is almost devoid of any people skills. That is why so many players have transferred or simply quit playing for him.
When is BU and AD Lynch going to wake up and see that he is holding this program back, not advancing it forward?
So long as Wolff is in-charge, they will continue to underachieve in mediocre obscurity in America LEast.

At 4:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

AD Lynch is not the one in charge, Parker and Wolff are boys and I personally think Lynch is intimidated by Wolff and thus does not have the balls or the power to do anything about it...

At 12:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does Parker have the power as "Executive Athletic Director," or does Lynch, who runs the day to day operation of the athletic department? Even if Parker has the final, or big say, Lynch must have some major imput. No?
If Lynch is lacking the balls, then perhaps he shouldn't be in his position.
We know that Parker isn't lacking in balls, but maybe he doesn't give a puck what is going on in basketball so long as it does not appear to be a disaster, so Wolff can slide on a wave of mediocity and underachievement.
If Wolff intimidates Lynch, what does that say about how the players may view him? No wonder so many players -- and so many good kids -- had left the program and so few ex-players are even seen coming back for visits.

At 12:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...



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