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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Just Don't Get More Hurt: The Maine Preview

The Terriers have got two games left, both at home, but we may not know any more about our team before the tourney than we do right now.

One reason for this is that these two games are against the two worst teams in the conference. Tonight is Maine, and Saturday is Hartford. We have blown out both of these teams. The only way we'll learn something from these games is if we lose one of them. Maine and Hartford will meet in two weeks in the Stony Brook Invitational, at which Stony Brook will be conspicuously absent.

Secondly, we're hearing a little bit from the injury fairy these days. These are the first injuries since TyLos went down. Corey Lowe turned his ankle in the nice win over Iona, and it looked really bad when he left the gym on crutches. But he made a "miraculous" recovery and will start tonight. However, JOB turned his ankle in practice and will be a game time decision.

So my hopes for this game is no more injuries, a win and a John Holland triple-double. In that order.

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