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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Let's try this again: The Binghamton Preview

Today marks our second straight contest fighting for the top spots in America East. After the Vermont disaster, we find ourselves out of the first place battle for now, but we play Fake BU today for second place.

Last time we played Binghamton, we were coming off a disaster against Vermont. Sound familiar? All the fans were feeling down, and we were pessimistic about our chances. And the Terriers came out and dominated on Binghamton's home court.

This time, we're at The Roof, where we tend to dominate. I like our chances.

The Terriers are going to be fighting fatigue from here on out, but they need to be careful not to hype themselves up too much. Sure the game is important, but we need to just get into our game and relax.

It's Valentine's Day. Feel the love, Terriers.

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