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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Fearlessly looking into the future

There's a rule when you have a "basketblog" that you have to make end of the season picks and predictions. So fine let's get the boring ones out of the way.

1st Team All-Conference
Marqus Blakely - Vermont
John Holland - Boston U.
Darryl Proctor - UMBC
Corey Lowe - Boston U.
DJ Rivera - Binghamton

Rookie of the Year
Jake O'Brien - Boston U.
Defensive Player of the Year
Marques Cox - Stony Brook
Coach of the Year
Bill Herrion - New Hampshire
Player of the Year
Marqus Blakely - Vermont

The rest of them, 2nd/3rd team, All-Defense... eh, who has the time.

Here's how the tourney should go down:

I don't care what anybody says, this is how I think it will shake out. Binghamton is a paper tiger - you can't win that many extremely close games without eventually losing one of them. BU over Vermont might be a stretch, but not if they are missing Mike Trimboli - who at last check is still "questionable" to play in the tournament.

OK, now for the important predictions.

1) First coach to get T'd up: Randy Monroe, UMBC
2) Least fans in attendance: Tie - BU and Maine
3) Bing player attracting the most heckling: Tiki Mayben
4) Average age of Vermont fans, including dance team: 67
5) Most likely to go to overtime: UNH-SBU
6) Biggest blowout: Hartford over Maine
7) Number of Sparks consumed by our group of 5: 13
8) Weather for our Sat morning tailgate: Rain, of course.
9) Minutes Matt Wolff is on the bench in Round 1: 6
10) Tournament MVP: John Holland, BU

Agree? Disagree?

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At 3:15 PM, Blogger The Hot Dog said...

1. Will Brown
2. Maine/Stony Brook. BU has 20 students going OMG!
3. Tiki Mayben no doubt
4. 55
6. Bing over Hartford
7. Better be >15
8. Snow?!
9. 4
10. Sad to say: Mike Trimboli :(

I hope I'm very wrong.


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