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Friday, February 13, 2009

And then it all came crashing down..

You know, I could just delete everything I wrote in the 24 hours preceding the last game about BU being unstoppable, but that wouldn't really be sporting.

So, the Vermont game was a bust. A huge bust. The most ginormous bust. It was Phil Mickelson's bust. Vermont seems to be the one team we cannot beat right now. They were the last team to beat us before our winning streak, and they ended it.

The remarkable thing was how similar this game was to the last Vermont game. We got big early leads, let them back into a slight lead, struggled to keep it close for a while in the second half, Matt Wolff gets frustrated by fouls, then Vermont runs away with it.

The problem in this one was mental mindset. Just like last time, Matt lost his composure and started picking up stupid fouls. This time, John Holland got extremely frustrated too, so much so that Coach Wolff had to take him out of the game with several minutes left.

The Catmounters played hard aggressive defense, which was the reason for their win. It caused 21 Terrier turnovers. I'm surprised there weren't more fouls called, considering how much contact they were initiating on defense.

Bottom line is the we won't win the conference without being able to beat Vermont (nor would we deserve to). We'll hopefully have one more chance at that. For now, it's time to get Phil Mickelson's boobs out of our heads and concentrate on Binghamton.

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