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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A Six-Pack of Wins

It shouldn't be a surprise that our biggest winning streak came during conference play, but considering the turn our season took in the first week of January, when we lost Tyler Morris and Carlos Strong. Let's take a look at these wins.

1/17/09 @ Binghamton 81-64

The game that got us going. Never did I think, after our losses to Albany and Vermont, that we would go to Binghamton and blow them out. This team has some heart, I think, to not give up on a season when you lose a couple pieces. They showed it in the Albany game too, even though they lost in the final minute.

1/19/09 vs. Stony Brook 99-97 4OT

Normal this game is a breeze, but not this year. This year, the Seawolves have some spunk, and forced us to battle them for sixty minutes, and nearly put it into a fifth OT. Let's hope Wolff has a better game plan when we play in their house in a couple weeks.

1/22/09 vs. UMBC 80-77 2OT

Only took us two OT's to win this game. UMBC is clearly down from where they were last year, with only 3 conference wins. They're better than this, though, so don't be fooled.

1/25/09 @ Maine 73-62

I nearly turned this game off after 10 minutes of listening, when we were down 18 early in the first half. It was an amazing game to listen to, and really made my Saturday morning. Jake O'Brien had a career high 24 points.

1/31/09 @ Hartford 72-47

We kind of beat the crap out of the Zeglinsky-less Hawks, but I don't think it would have been close even if he had played. Weren't the Hawks supposed to be better this year?

2/2/09 @ UMBC 82-65

Jake O'Brien bumps up his career high to 25 and Matt Wolff takes a shot to the groin to the amusement of nearly every reader of this blog.

A few stats from this stretch:

-Over these six games, John Holland averaged a ridiculous 23.5 points per game. He's making his case for Player of the Year in a big way.

-Matt Wolff has averaged a ridiculous 5 points per game in the last six games. He's making his case for sportsmanship award (it usually goes to the son of the coach anyway). Just kidding though, Matt's been playing hard and putting forth the effort, even if his numbers don't show it.

-Vermont also hasn't lost a game since we've last lost, meaning next weeks match-up will be a clash of mediocre titans.

We've got some tough games ahead of us, so things won't get any easier, but this team looks sharp right now. We've got a big game at the Greek tomorrow night against Albany, let's hope we can fill it at least half way up, because this is a win we'd really like to have.


At 12:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In a strange way, the unfortunate injuries to Tyler Morris and Carlos Strong have meant that Dennis Wolff can't use his stupid combinations and is less likely to over coach his way out of games. Now if we could only figure out a way to get Tony Gaffney to replace Matt Wolff, like anyone other than Papa Wolff would have done, and maybe we'd really havre something.


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