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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Let's enjoy first place while we still can: The Albany Preview

Fascinating game tonight! We take on Albany at The Greek, playing for the first time this season as the first place team, thanks to Vermont's choke-fest last night.

First, let's get it out of the way. We have lost 9 straight reg season games at Agganis. You probably know that I don't buy the curse argument, but apparently some of the players do, so it might be a factor for that reason alone. Some believe our struggles are due to shooting against a different background - but we have scored well there this year. We put up 80 against Marshall, and Corey had a great game that day. So what wins out: 9 game Agganis losing streak, or 6 game current winning streak?

Today's matchup against Albany is a rematch of our first AE game, and the first without TyLos, AND Corey was benched. BU fans were getting the razorblades ready. But the Terriers played tough thanks to John Holland and Marques Johnson, only lost by one and we backed off the ledge thankfully. Would having Corey Lowe on the floor that night have made the difference for us? Maybe we'll find out tonight.

We have four players averaging in double figs during conference play! BU, normally known for dominating defense, is winning games with their efficient offense these days.

Bottom line for tonight:
Terriers win... BU will be alone in first place by a full game.
Terriers lose... BU will fall back into a first place tie with Vermont, Binghamton and Albany.

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At 3:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Tall boy Im Cory Lowes uncle Darrell, we never got to exchange info due to me being so pumped up during the games. Please e-mail me at grimis476@comcast.net or call me 301-760-6727


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