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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Biggest game of the year?: The Vermont Preview

Here it is, the Big One - how this game isn't the Mid-Majority Game! Of! The! Night!, I have no idea. Seems like every year the "Biggest Game of the Year" playing up in Burlington in February. Just once, I want Vermont to finish in last so we have a different Biggest Game of the Year.

So this is our chance to finish in 1st place - if we lose this one, we'll lose all the tie-breakers and we'll have to hope Bing and Vermont lose to the lower echelon... which ain't happening.

Vermont beat us at home earlier this year, yes it's true. We were winning throughout the entire first half, then fell apart or ran out of gas in the second half. Vermont used a full-court press the whole game, and since Corey was brand new to running the point, it affected us. We had 14 turnovers in the game, and we haven't been coming close to that lately. You can also chalk a few of our misses up to the unfamiliar rims at The Greek.

I think tonight's game is different. Nobody is rolling like BU right now. Vermont is having some trouble at home, especially late in the game. Corey is far more used to running the show now - he's become a great facilitator and making great decisions about when to keep it himself. Holland and O'Brien are scoring like it's prom night.

Even Coach Wolff can't control his excitement. For several games now, he's been saying Corey has been playing as good as he's ever seen. And the Freep reported that after yesterday's practice, Wolff said John Holland looked like an NBA player during the workout. High praise from a man from whom praise is normally issued in teacups, not buckets.

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