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Monday, January 19, 2009

THE ROOF!!!: The Stony Brook Preview

For those who were wondering, no you can't use the GSU's wireless network without being a student. Lame. I eventually wandered down to Bruegger's Bagels in Kenmore, which for the price of a cup of soup and a Nantucket Nectar allowed me to plop down for the whole Binghamton game.

Gotta say, I was not expecting to watch the game I saw. I was expecting something similar to the Vermont game, since Binghamton has been real good lately, and just beat UVM at their place. No, the Terriers decided to come out swinging, dominating from wire-to-wire in a blowout.. WTF. John Holland, as usual lately, led the Terriers with 28... he's averaging close to 25 per game since TyLos went down! He has been a beast. The team has been a roller-coaster ride.

Although I've watched almost every game on the 'net, today is the first time this season I'll watch the Terriers live. Pathetic, I know. And it's Stony Brook, but that's just the way the timing worked out. And even though Stony Brook has shown a little feistiness this year... it's still Stony Brook.

More exciting is the fact that the game is at The Roof. When the flashy new kid comes to town (Agganis), you kind of forget about Old Reliable. A place that nurtured my love of Terrier basketball. Over the last few years, I've somehow managed to make it to Boston only for games at The Greek... I think because I planned around the biggest games (Vermont, Michigan, UMass, etc). So I haven't been to a game at The Roof in years... and I've been missing out.

The chance to be sitting within body-odor range of the players. Sitting anywhere you want. The little concession booth out in the hallway. It's all great. Walking up those steps to the ticket-takers from the West Campus dorms, hearing the band playing inside and knowing that the Terrier basketball experience is right through those gym doors -- it's a feeling of anticipation I grew to love during my time at BU, and I'm pumped to get to re-live it today. Even if it's against Stony Brook.

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