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Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Tough Pill to Swallow

We had it. We all felt it. Everyone in that packed Agganis Arena could feel it Friday night, but this year, we'll always think of GW as the one that got away.

To be frank, GW looked like shit. Our defense was on lockdown. We out-hustled them. Where did we go wrong?

A few things that troubled me Friday night:

-We had trouble cleaning up around the basket. Five possessions in a row, we had the ball in the paint and couldn't score. Having Scott Britain in the line up could have helped, but Jake O'Brien looked solid, and once Jeff Pelage gets a little more confidence, he can be a monster down low. Give him some time and I think he'll be good.

-Corey Lowe and his ridiculous three-pointers. 1-11? I lost track of how many shots he took that were five feet behind the arc, but I count all those as turnovers. He knows he's the backbone of the team, and I think he just tried too hard to fulfill the expectations of him. He'll get into a groove soon enough, and settle down.

-Nevermind that we made less than 50% of our free throws, but we only took 13 to their 29. We need to balance that out by attacking the hoop more.

-It took a promotion of tickets to a Coolio concert to fill the Greek. Coolio is tough to pass up, but I hope it was excitement for BU basketball that got fans to the game.

But some good things:

-Jake O'Brien already looks like a veteran. I'm excited about this kid. I also like Tall-boy's idea of calling him JOB from now on.

-Carlos Strong looks like he hasn't missed a beat since last year. He may not start, but I think he's one of the most important players on the team.

-Same goes for John Holland. He's no longer the electric freshman who's turning heads all of a sudden. He's now got to be one of the dependable veteran guys. He better stay healthy, or so help me God...

-We kept our turnovers under 15. It'll be a great season if we can do that every game.

-It was one hell of an exciting game, and I'm hoping that will be enough to bring kids back to more games in the future.


At 1:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just read in the FREEP that only 700 people showed up to the Coolio concert. Im sure the promotion helped, but nearly another 4,00 people showed just to see BU basketball!

I've been following the team for 5 years and it was by far the most electric atmosphere I've ever seen at a BU basketball game (BU-UVM in 2005 is a close 2nd, although thats cause nearly 1000 Vermont fans showed up). Hopefully, the excitement doesn't go away after the dissapointing result. For the past couple years any pre-season momentum the team has gained was erased by poor performance in out of conference games.

I'm still really beat up about Friday's game. I think the Scotty B injury was. Word is that he is out for the Bucknell game as well. Although, I was very impressed by O'brien and I doubt Bucknell will have the athletic bigs like Diggs. I would love to see a Brittain/O'brien frount court when he comes back. Think it definately adresses the weakness of low post prescence and rebounding.


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