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Friday, November 14, 2008

At least we didn't lose by 13

Although, maybe that would have been easier. Tonight's 63-58 overtime loss to GW was one of the ugliest, most sickening losses I remember at BU. As in it just made me sick to my stomach.

Look I know my prediction had BU coming out on top, but I really didn't think we would win this game. I had this as one of the two out-of-conference losses. So its own, this isn't a terrible loss.

But if you look at HOW it was lost, you just shake your head. The Colonials did just about everything they could to hand the game to us on a platter, and we wouldn't take it. They shoot 46% on field goals, so what do we do? We shoot 29% The shoot 55% on free throws, so what do we do? We shoot 46%. They turn the ball over like 25 times, so what do we do? Well, I mentioned the shooting percentages didn't I? Corey Lowe couldn't hit water if he fell off the BU Bridge tonight. We missed so many 3-foot shots that GW should have just stopped guarding us when we got into the paint. And Matt Wolff, I've defended the kid before... but yegods, every time we could NOT afford a mistake it seemed like he was throwing the ball away, or making a dumb foul, or taking an impossible shot.

[Deep breath]

OK, in the interest of sanity I will list a few positives.
  • Jake O'Brien looked great and I like him a lot. He did NOT look like a freshman out there and he significantly outplayed the senior Rob Diggs while they were out there together. He was all hustle going after loose balls and rebounds. He was stepping up and trying to make plays with the ball when nobody else would.
  • John Holland scored 22 and was the only consistent performer on offense. And he had a monster breakaway dunk in the first half.
  • The Corey Lowe rebound and game-tying layup made for an exciting moment, even if it did just set up the crushing disappointment known as overtime.
I'm going to forget about this one ASAP and start looking forward to Bucknell. Maybe I'll even drive up there on Tuesday. Anything to move on.

I will say one thing: I believe that if Scott Brittain plays, BU wins this game. Jake the Snake played well, but once he fouled out we had NOTHING in the middle to step up against their redwoods. Maybe that's the best thing to think about to make myself feel better.

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At 1:48 AM, Blogger M.B.G. said...

i really disagree about your comments regarding matt wolfe. seriously, i did not have much respect for the kid till the middle of last season, but honestly, he's a great all around player, can play any position on the court...a real coaches player..haha.
he played a solid all around game tonight...great D, some terrific passes for buckets and im not sure what you meant by bad shots...i can't recall him taking many....a few turnovers, but jesus, nobody blew that game more than corey lowe tonight!!
o'brien looks like a sick addition as well.

At 11:23 AM, Blogger Tall-boy said...

I know, you're right. I wrote all that when I was pretty steamed. Matt does a lot of good things. I think the other thing that bothered me was he seemed to be in position for a lot of rebounds that he just had taken away from him.

Anyway I'm not calling for the head of Matt Wolff - he should certainly continue to start.

We need Scott back.

At 12:04 PM, Blogger M.B.G. said...

yes we do. I heard he had a concussion, so im sure he'll be back next game.

At 2:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any comment regarding the crowd/turnout?


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