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Friday, November 07, 2008

The Return of Sully

I had to do a double-take while I was watching the Terrier Tip-Off video last weekend and saw this:

Nevermind his goofy grin and arm flail, but it seems that Brendan Sullivan, who appears to be on the 2008-09 roster, is the same one that appeared on the 2005-06 statistics page. However, all evidence of him has been scrubbed from the 2005-06 roster archive.

Brendan, who was only on the team for one year, was best known for two things:

His 15 point explosion against Rider, where he canned 5 three-pointers, scoring all but 6 of his 21 career points.

The questionable circumstances under which he left the team. After being suspended for team rules, rumors flew about locker room fights between Sully and another member of the team, never substantiated. He ended up missing the last game of the regular season and the entire America East tournament due to his suspension, as mentioned in the Game Notes for the February 26, 2006 game against Hartford. Then, after the season, Brendan either quit the team or was kicked off the team -- we never found out, because he didn't comment for this Freep article.

Who knows what he did between then and now -- but he's back as a junior (did he go to school or play ball for one of those three years?) and he's paying his own way as a walk-on.

So... Brendan did something bad enough to be suspended by Wolff for the remainer of a season and leave the team for "off-court troubles"... and now he's welcomed back by Wolff 3 years later? And where the eff did he go? I'd love to hear more about how this happened.

[Update]: Looks like America Least beat me to the punch on this.

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At 9:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

He's been a regular BU student for the last two years. Last year, he actually played on my intramural team. He had been in contact with Wolff about rejoining the team for the last year or so.

I think his freshman year, he was a little overwhelemd by Wolff's demanding coaching style. Like multiple players over the last couple years (Gafnney, Brower, Hassan, Geffen) his decision to leave the team was because of this. "Off the court troubles" = bullshit. Sully stuck around BU cause he liked the school and made a good group of friends.

My guess is playing on court 1 at FitRec wasn't enough competition for him.

At 5:48 PM, Blogger Tall-boy said...

Many thanks for the info.

I'm actually pretty happy he's back. This is a guy who at one point in his life showed he was good enough to earn an athletic scholarship to BU... and now we've got him for free. And of course we can always use more tall guys. Anything he contributes to the team this year or next is a bonus.

I'd still love to get Wolff's take on bringing him back in for a second chance. Even if it was an amicable parting as you suggest, I don't see Wolff just giving out second chances to guys who couldn't deal well with his coaching style.

All the best to both of them on making this work.

At 7:10 PM, Anonymous Doggy-Style Fan said...

That makes more sense than my original theory that he had taken time off to represent Sen. Stevens. http://www.usatoday.com/news/washington/2008-10-27-stevensverdict_N.htm?imw=Y

I hope he's aged better than the other Brendan Sullivan...


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