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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Just The Tip-Off

The Hot Dog does a good job of summarizing Non-Midnight Madness this year, but he cheated since he was actually there. On the other hand I wasted an hour and a half of my Saturday watching the complete video which is helpfully uploaded on the BU site. Little did I realize that many of the highlights are viewable separately, and without some of the grating radio commentary, by going here.

The atmosphere looked pretty good - crazy light systems and whatnot. They collapsed the bleachers on one side, I guess so they could make a crowd that would normally be half-full look, well, full. They should think about doing that against Stony Brook.

New uni's

Looks like the Terriers got new jerseys this year (away ones at least), and get this: they have NAMES on the back. Making the jerseys that the High Roller and I bought last year for 65 bucks charmingly obsolete. I guess they are throwbacks already.

Seems like the names on the back has its pluses and minuses. While it'll be easier to identify our freshmen right away, it may also open our players up to Popoko-style harassment/torture while on the road.

Clear winner: Carlos Strong. His name is badass, you can't argue with someone whose jersey says Strong on it.

Clear loser: Matt Wolff. For those opposing fans that weren't giving Matty a hard time because they forgot he was the coach's kid... sorry Matt.

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