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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Do or Die

At the foul line, game tied, with once second left. Out of curiousity, who do you want at the line? Corey Lowe had the chance to seal the deal at the end of regulation against Bucknell but couldn't deliver. Fortunately for him, and all of us, he was able to deliver in OT and guide us to a win.

In a do or die situation sort of like this, I'd want Tyler Morris at the line.

Who would you want? Why? Tell all of us in the comments section below.


At 12:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We need scorers. Why did Carlos get so few minutes. Tyler and Matt can't score yet they get the minutes. The shooting stats are horrible

At 12:31 PM, Blogger Tall-boy said...

Great question - Corey missed two in OT against GW that basically put the game out of reach.

If it were up to me I'd want Carlos up there - he always seems cool under pressure at the line to me.

At 2:27 PM, Blogger the High Roller said...

Yeah that's why I think I'd want Tyler, he can keep pretty cool when it comes down to it. I know Matt Wolff is big on fundamentals and a great free throw shooter, but I don't think he can handle the pressure

At 2:37 PM, Blogger Tall-boy said...

Matt has been choking on his FTs so far this year! (it's among my list of complaints)

At 6:58 PM, Blogger Matt Whitrock said...


Tyler got more minutes because he's a distributor (which Carlos is not) and a better zone defender than Carlos. Wolff noted that Tyler's shots were rimming out and he easily could have had a few more makes than he did (which isn't an excuse, just saying that Wolff isn't concerned with Tyler's poor shooting).

Other than the shooting Tyler actually played pretty well. With Corey/JOB/Holland all scoring in the second half, BU could get away with a poor shooting night from Tyler because he filled up the rest of the stat sheet.

Wolff is rebounding well and doing the little things, but he needs to stop turning the ball over.

And to address the post... Morris, and it's not particularly close either.

At 7:49 PM, Blogger the High Roller said...

Yeah Matt's right, Morris is the point guard, the whole offense is designed to run through him so Wolff isn't going to take away playing time from him because he's not scoring. Corey, John Holland, JOB, Scott Britain (when he's healthy) and Carlos (when he's playing) are gonna be our biggest scoring threats all season.

And as the season goes on, Tyler will find his rhythm

At 8:21 PM, Blogger The Hot Dog said...

Tyler at the line, without a doubt. If he has no one in his face and 10 seconds to take his time and his shot he'll make it most of the time.

At 9:27 PM, Anonymous LittleMike said...

Tyler Morris - Everyone else fighting for 2nd.

At 11:14 PM, Blogger M.B.G. said...



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