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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Conference Prediction

I know conference play has already started, but I figure I'll let you guys know what I think's going to happen, because I know you all want to hear my opinion. These rankings are only for final conference record.

1. Vermont

I'm watching Vermont play Albany on TV right now, and it's clear to me that Vermont just plays better as a team. Marcus Blakely just stole the ball out of Hastings' hands in the backcourt and slammed it home. I hope that's youtubed.

2. Boston University

We actually have some big time-scorers on out team. We have to do well, right?


I'm buying into the hype. Hodges, Barbosa, Proctor, and Johnson are scoring mad points.

4. Albany

They better figure out who their go-to guy is, and quick.

5. New Hampshire

Ended a 7 game losing streak by beating Albany, and they're neck and neck with UMBC right now. Who knows what that means, though.

6. Hartford

No real reason for chosing Hartford to finish sixth. It just feels right for me.

7. Maine

Should be able to end their 5 game losing streak when they start conference play against Stoney Brook. Should being the key word.

8 Binghamton

What a mess. Who knows what'll happen here, but it would be nice to see them make something out of this season. Wait, no it wouldn't.

9. Stoney Brook

You keep at it, Stony Brook.

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At 7:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hahahahhaa, the "mess" that is the Binghamton Bearcats just owned your cute little Terriers.


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