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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Road Trip

I'll be hitting the road in about an hour to drive down to Delaware to see Tyler Morris in action for the first time this season. This will probably be the furthest I've driven for a BU game, but the five hours each way should be worth it.

Assuming Tall-boy and I will be the only BU fans in the stands (do any of our players have family in Delaware?) we should be able to get seats right behind BU's bench.

Now Delware has already beaten Albany and Vermont, two of the powerhouses in our conference (is it too early to call UMBC a powerhouse? We'll have to wait to conference play to find out I guess). If Delaware manages to take care of business against us, then our conference truly is pathetic. Not that that's not already true.

Let's hope for a much more organized offense now that Tyler Morris is in charge. I'm so excited for his return, it's probably how Yankee's fans felt when Roger Clemens suited up for the second half of the season this past summer. And hopefully that's the only comparison I'll be able to make between the two of them.

Prediction: BU 72 - Delaware 65


At 8:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We Stink, Stink, Stink.

Nice work on making the trip though.

Why did Matt W. start when Tyler was ready to go?
Is Dennis easing Tyler back in or is this truly as bad as it looks.


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