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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Corey Lowe Show

Yes, indeed, Corey Lowe was the story of BU's routing of Yale with his 35 points. The final score was 76-67, and it seemed like every part of our game was on. Our shots were falling and there's weren't. Our 16 turnovers to their 21. We shot 53.2 % from the field, and if we can do that every game, we have a good chance of winning every game.

But though I had fun listening to the Terriers beat up on the Bulldogs, I thoroughly enjoyed just listening to the play by play commentator for Yale's student radio station.

I wouldn't say he had the boarist manners of a Yalie, but he did sound more awkward and nervous than a 12 year old boy with a date on the way to the movies in the back seat of his mom's minivan. It really was hilarious. Just for fun, here's a few quotes from the game:

"Corey Lowe has 6 points...on the game"

"His ball fake was so good that he walked with it..."

"...he's fouled there by Courtney Lowe..."

"At the half, the score is 20-36-28" (It was 38-26)

"That's the 6th team foul by the Bulldogs and the Terries are now in the bonus."

"...Bat Britton gets the rebound..."

"That's a career high now for...uh...jeez...um...Lowe"

The only thing that bothered me was his vexing habit of calling half court "the timeline". Now I've watched and listened to a lot of basketball, and i've never heard it called "the timeline". Maybe that's an acceptable term, I don't know, but it was pretty annoying. I mean, when the point guard crosses it, does he travel back in time? Does he have to set his clock back an hour?

Ok sorry about those jokes. Anyway, this commentator brought back memories of this future Trey Wingo:


At 10:50 PM, Anonymous Elliot Wells said...

Half court is referred to as the timeline because you have 10 seconds of time to cross the half court line thus the term timeline. In the old days where full court pressing was more common and crossing halfcourt was more difficult the term timeline was a lot more relevant.

At 12:59 PM, Blogger the High Roller said...

I'm fully aware of the ten second rule, and of course I assumed that's what he was referring to, but he used it over and over, not once refering to it as half court. Not really a big deal, just one of those little things that unexplicably grinds my gears.


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