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Saturday, December 29, 2007

A nice visit to our garbage-pickers

I wouldn't say that my trip down to Delaware was a total loss, but I can't see myself going back to that state any time in the near future.

I got to Newark in plenty of time for the game, but then got completely lost for about an hour and a half while trying to look for the Bob Carpenter Center. Apparently there are two of them, "Big Bob" and "Little Bob". I think I ended up seeing most of Delaware while trying to find the arena, even getting trapped in one of the biggest suburban neighborhoods I've ever seen for about a good half hour. The neighborhood also happened to have an Aids walk going on throughout the whole area, with all the roads lined with paper bags with candles inside them. And it went on for miles! It was so surreal, like something out of a David Lynch movie.

But back to basketball. I finally found the arena and got in after half-time, by which point we were down twenty points, and Hot Dog and Jesus had already run out of clever things to say about Delawares male cheerleaders. I think the best way to sum up the game is that after I got there, Delaware missed one shot the whole rest of the game. Or it seemed that way anyway. And we were layin' bricks like we'd just been hired to do the construction along Comm Ave. We lost, embarassingly, and I can' really think of anything positive to say about the game except it was good to see Tyler Morris back in uniform. And to see Ibe in his uniform (brown pants, tope shirt, tie, black shoes).

The Kicker? Turns out that if I had gotten off the highway one exit later and driven fifteen feet I'd have been the arena parking lot. You win again, Mapquest.

Today should be a much easier road trip as I head just down I-90 to UMass to see BU take on a scary Minuteman offense who toppled Syracuse earlier this year. They've got four scorers who average over ten points a game, including our old friend Etienne Brower. Tony Gaffney will be in action too. He's averaging over 20 minutes a game, with 5 rebounds, 1.5 blocks and 1.6 steals. I wish we still had these guys. Did I mention the team averages 85 points a game to our 60? Should be fun. And if we lose, so what? They're a bunch of minutemen anyway. Had to throw that in there somewhere.

I got a shiny new camera for Xmas so come back in a few days for some highlights of the game, assuming there will be any.


At 10:06 PM, Anonymous Hot Dog said...

DAMN YOU! Your presence is the reason we got OWNED! Not like it mattered though, that was the worst I'd seen BU play in a while.


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