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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Whisked away to.... Delaware

I hope everyone else as excited as me for the Terriers' upcoming visit to the great State of Delaware (best known as the home of Wilmington and several screen door factories) And this:

If you're going to be joining the High Roller and I at the game, try not to get laryngitis screaming at the horrific traffic and exorbitant tolls you'll pay for the 5 miles of road you actually drive on in the state, lest you be too hoarse to root for the Terriers at the game.

**HECKLING TIP** UDel just blew it in the I-AA national football championship, getting blown out by Appalachian State. Of course, it's I-AA, not I-A, and nobody gives a rat's ass. Oh I'm sorry, Football Championship Subdivision. Either way, winning the I-AA championship is like being the world's tallest midget. So Delaware is actually the world's second-tallest midget.

Before I make too much fun of The First State, I have to admit that Delaware does have one redeeming quality, and that's Dewey Beach. Over the past 2 summers, I have spent many days and nights which I can't remember at places like this and this and listening to awesome bands like this. Of course, you can't go there in December, so for now let's all agree that Delaware just plain sucks.


At 1:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do the league a favor and actually beat Delaware. Sure, they plain suck, but they happen to be 2-0 against the AE with wins over Albany and Vermont.

Now let me return to fielding emails about how my blog name is "very negative against the league" based upon the fact that one of my shittier works wasn't enjoyable for the inmates...unfortunate for them, there argument holds really no ground this season since everyone is downright bad.

Have a nice holiday guys and seriously, beat Delaware and another heckling tip, Marc Egerson was the kid who flunked PE at Georgetown and the guy that was the GTown player named in the NY Times article that also mentioned Binghamton's HC Kevin Broadus. A quick google news search should turn up the article, or its in my blog archive somewhere.

Yours in basketblogdom,



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