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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

BU's New Hampshire Primary

As thousands of journalists, political operatives and campaign volunteers scramble to get the hell out of New Hampshire today, so too do the Wildcats of UNH -- on their way to Case Gym to take on the Terriers tonight.

For Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John McCain and others, New Hampshire stood as the second test in what will be a long and grueling campaign; and likewise, New Hampshire is the second test of BU's conference schedule, setting the tone until the presidential election in Vestal, NY, in March 2008.

And if nothing else, Hillary and McCain prove that even if you get blown out in Iowa (Binghamton), you can still come back and shock the world in New Hampshire.

So in that spirit, the Terriers need to get out there and do the equivalent of door-to-door canvassing and phone calls: boxing out, making free throws, playing gritty defense. If BU takes care of business and does all the little things, we can sit back and watch the victory come to us. Go BU!!

Oh yeah, and Kucinich is Stony Brook.

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