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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Your 2007 AE Award Winners

Congrats to the new America East Rookie of the Year...

...Tyler Morris. And it couldn't go to a more deserving player. On a team full of great freshman, Tyler was a leader. His stats were impressive no doubt, but the way he handled himself like a senior on the court and the intensity he brought to every game is what made Tyler the best newcomer to the league this year. I'm glad the other coaches recognized this - and they even made Tyler a Second-Team All-Conference as well. And to think - when he broke his ankle and sat out last season, I had no idea the guy could do this and didn't know what we were missing! Big ups and respek to Tyler.

I was not privy to the voting totals, but I would bet that Corey Lowe was a close 2nd or 3rd for Rookie of the Year. Corey had a great season as well and was rewarded with a spot on the All-Rookie team. As Coach Wolff has pointed out, BU has 4 guys who, in any other year, would have been no-brainer All-Rookie selections. Carlos, Scott, Corey and Tyler all had fantastic first years, and all were deserving.

Finally, HUUUUGE props to the Big O - Omari Peterkin. He worked so hard over the last 3 years on being a more aggressive inside presence and improving his game. It's amazing he had time to work as a dependable BU Housing Warehouse worker. Omari had a great senior season, and the coaches awarded him a spot on the Third Team All-Conference. Couldn't be prouder of him.


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