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Thursday, March 01, 2007

A few AE tournament resources

If you're not coming to the tournament... shame on you. I know, I know - not everybody is willing to rent a car, drive up the East coast for 7 hours (complete with window paintings - pictures to follow), and sleep on a floor for 3 days just to watch a the tournament when there are theoretically 20 "better" conference tournaments in the country. The America East fan is indeed a special breed...

Anyway, if you're stuck in your corner of the world, the Mid-Majority is a great resource - not just for the AE tourney, but for all the mid-major tourneys around the country. Please check them out.

Not only that, but the America East conference has a Fan Central with some good info, and it has also been announced that the website will be streaming all of the tourney games for free. But remember, if you're watching online, it's much harder to hurl insults at our opponents.


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