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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Extra credit reading material

The Freep came out with it's "Basketball Supplement" today, and it's a good primer for this weekend. Hey, maybe some students will read it and come to the games!! I do remember Binghamton's student paper coming out with a Special Edition for each day of the tournament, with recaps of the previous day's scores and articles about the day's match-ups. I wonder if we could convince the Freep to do that.

Anyway, the column by Josh Lerner and Chris Pasquale dissects the tourney teams and does a good job of making fun of each of them (I might have to steal the nickname "Cat-mounters"). Some of the highlights include comparing Vermont guard Kyle Cieplicki to E.T. and suggesting a "umBC Sucks!" cheer.

The article by Couper Moorhead is about efficiency stats and the on/off consistency of the Terriers, and Nick Cammarota writes a good one about BU's young guns as the head into their first tournament.

Overall, I was impressed by the Freep's coverage of the team this year (as I usually am), and this is a good showcase of that.

Oh by the way, here is another hard-hitting article about the Freep.


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