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Friday, June 22, 2007

A Mid-Summer's Half Day of Work

You wouldn't believe the shock that I felt when I looked at our site meter and noticed that 40 people visited this blog in the past week. 40?? Are you serious? Can you people really be that bored at work right now?

Of course I'm only joking, but wow. So for the 40 of you who never gave up on the Weis Guys, here's a little recap of what's happened since our last post, which was, oh, i don't know, 3.5 months ago? Enjoy.

3/3/07 - Praise God, It's a friggin' miracle. BU win's it's first conference tournament game since 2003, when David Hehn forever etched his name in BU's history books as most hated Catamount with his championship game-winning shot with 5.5 seconds left. Four years between playoff wins will not only make you bitter, but it'll make you feel like you went to UMBC.

Coming back from a 12-point defici, the Terriers rallied to overcome the Bearcats of Binghamton. Never before have I seen The Greek filled with so much energy. Valdas Sirutis (still need a nickname for this guy), Carlos, Macon, and Corey Lowe all scored in double digits. Talk about a game won by role players.


  • For the first time, probably since 1997, people tailgated for a BU sporting event.

The egg mcmuffins were especially good. Also note the home-made "BU Wolff Pack" shirts, provided by Tall-boy.

  • The UMBC band kicks ass once again, with the long-haired tuba guy rocking out as usual. Too bad their dance team didn't show up
3/4/07 - We fail to overcome Albany's Jamar Wilson. We contained him as much as possible, but even with a half-time lead, we just seemed flat. To say Corey Lowe under-performed is a gross understatement, but we have 3 more years for him to prove his mettle, so I'm not worried.


  • Tall-boy gives Coach Wolff one of the "Wolff Pack" shirts, although immediatly after the loss. Speculations arise that Wolff could not have given a shit about getting a free t-shirt at that point in time.
5/8/07 - Kevin Fitzgerald leaves the coaching staff. Serving as Director of Basketball Operations for 3 years, I hope he was more than a glorified Go-fer. I'll always remember him as a born leader who could naturally run the point for us (a position that hadn't been filled until Tyler Morris stepped onto the court this past year), instead of the guy who committed the technical that may or may not have lost us the playoff game to Stonybrook in 2004. Should I not have said that?

5/20/07 - The High Roller rejoices as none of our current players have decided to flee Boston University as of yet. I know, I know, it's going to be a long summer, but if we can make it to next season without one of our players transfering, then my my God, what a feat.

Late May - BU signs incoming freshman Will Creekmore, John Holland, and Matt Killen. These three will get minimal playing time since none of our players have ditched us for UMass, but word is Will Creekmore could fill the enormous shoes left behind by Big O.

5/25/07-5/31/07 - The Terriers travel to Taiwan?? I'm not sure how this one slipped by us, but yeah, they took part in a tournament at Kainan University, defeating the University of British Columbia in the Championship game to win the tournament. It's impressive, though many of the teams were less than worthy opponents (straight from the Wolff's mouth).

  • Corey Lowe tallies 33 points in the championship game.
  • Matt Wolff plays!!! For the first time in two years!!! And scored 20 points in either the final game or throughout the weekened (the BU site was pretty ambiguous so I'm not really sure). He was also described as "looking sharp" by the coach. That's a pretty good compliment, considering the tongue-lashing Matt usually recieves from him.
And that pretty much brings us up to date. I'd like to thank our faithfull readers who actually check this blog, even throughout the summer. I'd also like to thank Oppenheimer & Co. because without this half day of work that you granted me, this post would never have been written.


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