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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Spring Break-out

I must correct my esteemed colleague the High Roller on one point he made during his previous post. He says, "if you're stuck in Boston for spring break... you have something to do now."

Well, now BU students have one less excuse to attend the games, because according to a highly-placed source (uh, this girl I know who is still at BU) Spring Break does not start until the weekend of March 10th - one week after the tournament. This is a departure from the last 3 times the tourney was held in Boston (01-02, 02-03 and 03-04) when almost no students showed up. It prevented super-fans like my man Nick (oh, he'll be out in full force this year) from attending the games.

This year, BU students do not have to choose between getting wasted in an exotic location like London or Cancun, and getting wasted right here while rooting for their Terriers - they can do both!

Combining the free ticket giveaway and the lack of a Spring Break, I will now be disappointed if we are outnumbered by Binghamton students at this game.


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