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Sunday, February 26, 2006

UVM Not So Good Without Coppenrath

Real gutsy performance from the Terriers up in Vermont last week! I'd say it was our grittiest win since the last time we played Vermont.

UVM's Patrick Gym is a really tough place to play - I remember having taken several road trips up there to see BU play, and coming home disappointed more than once.

While the internet video broadcast was intermittent at best, I was able to pick up a few observations:
  • Like the High Roller mentioned, free throws were a huge story. This is one area that we have improved dramatically over the year, and that's a great thing heading to the tournament.
  • I think Geffen improves the team a lot when he's in the game. He's the only one of BU's four guards who will consistently push the ball up the floor after a rebound or turnover. He doesn't always hit his shots, but he can score and he can certainly "dish" the "rock." Also, he's "money" from the "charity" "stripe."
  • I wonder if Tony Gaffney earned himself a few minutes of playing time with his contribution against Vermont. I'm with Wolff when it comes to keeping discipline on the team, but it would be nice for the kid to be able to play in what may turn out to be his final few games at BU.


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