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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Finish Strong

Two more: at Vermont, at Hartford. Two decent teams. Two teams we beat at home. And two teams ahead of us in the standings.

The last two will tell us a lot about the conference tournament. First, they will establish our seeding in Binghamton. We sit at 5th right now, but by my calculations we can end up anywhere from 3rd to 8th. If my math is right, if we win out the rest of the year, we can finish no lower than 3rd. Big-time implications for who we play, when we play, and where we play (the championship game).

Second, we have a chance to set the tone for the end of our season. Finishing up the way we did last year, a drubbing at Binghamton (much like this year's), would not give anyone much confidence heading to the tourney.

The key is to play hard and finish strong. The rest comes naturally.


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