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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Let's Not Lose to UNH

BU is up in the Land of Binge Drinking tonight, taking on the resurgent Wildcats of UNH. Last time against UNH, BU saw its only real blowout of the conference season (win or loss - this one was a win though). That was 2005 though. In 2006, UNH has figured out that winning 4 out of 6 conference games was probably a good thing to do. They even beat Albany in Smalbany in OT. Add in the fact that this game is a home game for UNH, and we know that this one will certainly be different from last time.

Out beloved Terriers are coming off a heart-breaking loss to Maine, and enter into the toughest stretch of the season. Of the final 7 games, 5 of them are on the road. Time for BU the Terriers to buckle down.

The Big O, who has been more silent than Charlie Chaplin lately, had a huge game against UNH last time, so perhaps he can get it going again tonight.


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