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Monday, January 16, 2006

Let's have a little bit of Professionalism here, please

Tall-boy might consider this a drunk post, but I consider it something I've got to get off my chest. At the Binghamton game, nothing was more laughable than the free throw contest between two losers in the second half.

Each contestant had 3 chances to shoot, and the one with the most free throws made wins, of course. Well no one made a basket, so the first person to make a basket would win. They took turns shooting free throws, and this went on for a bout 2 full minutes.

Eventually, the time-out was over, and there was still no winner, and both of the unskilled morons had to slink off the court to a barage of boos and insults, including what the old man in front of me said: "You're shooting is bad and you should feel bad!"

Now this comment made me chuckle to myself for about the next ten minutes, but the situation left our team in a horrible position. We were in the process of a great run on Binghamton, and at the end of the time out, our team returned to the court to hear nothing but boos and insults. Way to fire up the crowd, sports marketing department.

Sure, they couldn't foresee two retards shooting it out for "least retarded free throw contestant", but it's their job to get the crowd fired up, and give the home team an advantage. My question is, what happened to the half court shot? I've never seen a crowd so pumped at a game at the roof than when Tall-boy made his half court shot. The crowd was on it's feet and going nuts, and gave our team a great boost.

This "contest", which took place during a media time out, did little except remind the fans that no one from BU can consistantly make free throws, esp. our players.

In my opinion, this was a turning point of the game, and may have actually caused the loss, because after that moment, the energy was completely sucked out of the roof.

And how bout the remote control car contest between two nine year olds at half time? They gave the prize to the contestant who clearly cheated, by not circling around the basketball. An F-ing travesty which also provoked boos from the crowd.

Sports marketing better get their act together or we might as well just kiss this season good-bye.


At 1:43 PM, Blogger Tall-boy said...

Drunk post or not, I'm laughing my ass off! At least you used the spell-checker.

Did anyone else witness this travesty?


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