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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Terriers Aim to Turn Around this Crappy Year

Whaddya say we ditch this 4-game losing streak and finally win one in '06? Stony Brook sounds like a good prescription for what ails us.

Not that Wrong Island is an easy place to win this year (Vermont lost there earlier this season), but SB hasn't exactly been lighting it up. That is beside the point though. The important thing is for us to execute our game in order to score some points, and get on track offensively.

We need to figure out to score consistently from both the outside and inside. That was working for us earlier this year, but ever since Hassan crapped the bed recently we've got nobody who can shoot. Shaun Wynn has admirably tried to take the lead among the guards, but it will take some more effort on the part of the others. Let's hope this is the game that either A) Hassan starts hitting some shots again, or B) somebody else starts hitting them.

More on Stony Brook a little later...


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