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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Terriers Lose In The Worst Way Possible

Well, might as well get this out of the way. Just got back from lovely Catonsville, MD,and the BU-UMBC game. We lost by one in overtime on a last-second shot. Go here to read the whole recap because quite frankly, I'm not ready to talk about it yet.

But I will give a few observations:
  • First, congrats to the Retrievers - they're a good team this year, they deserved to win this game, and they'll be a force to be reckoned with in March.
  • Playing ball for 10 minutes of a game and taking the other 30 minutes off is not going to win the game.
  • KG is unstoppable when they get him the ball! So get him the ball! Once we started doing that, we went on a 20-3 run. And then we couldn't get it to him at the end of regulation or in overtime.
  • Wolff did everything he could to jump-start the offense, including switching up the lineups until he got one that could score. He finally found one with 10 minutes left: KG, Wynn, Hassan, Gaffney and Geffen. But once they started scoring, he didn't take ANY of them out for the rest of the game. Geffen and Gaffney played well (Gaffney especially on the press, his specialty), but after they stalled I would have preferred Macon or Coblyn in there to shake things up again.
  • UMBC's only guys who could score, big men Housman and Zito, both had 4 fouls with 3 minutes left in regulation. Why were they still in the game when OT ended?! We should have continued attacking them until one or both fouled out. The game would have been over at that point.
  • It sucks to lose on a bad luck play like we did last night. With 4.1 seconds left and leading by 1, two of our defenders collided and fell to the floor, leaving a tall man wiiiiide open right under the basket. Shitty way to lose.
  • Props to Wynn-credible and Hassan the Assassin, who both came up huge as the final seconds ticked down. Wynn's driving runner at the end of regulation was ballsy, and Hassan's jumper with 7 seconds left in OT was so money.


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