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Monday, January 09, 2006

Scouting the competition

I had the "good fortune" to be stuck in Albany long enough to get to see Cornell play at Albany, and catch a glimpse of what we're going to be up against on Thursday.

First of all, Albany looked impressive, routing Cornell by more than ten points. I can't give you an exact score, because I truly didn't care about this game. Jamar Wilson looked sharp, scoring well over 20 points, I assume. His brother Brent Wilson also played pretty well. Overall, a pretty sloppy game against a less-than-stellar Cornell team.

A few things I saw:

-Great individual play by the Great Danes, not so great when it came to teamwork.
-Sophmore Lillis was scrappy, coming up with a bunch of steals, and a few good offensive plays. Watch out for this kid and his shaggy haircut.
-A very lethargic Zoellner. Could be because they just played saturday, or because Germans breed slow-moving giants for their basketball teams.
-A strong defense inside. Cornell scored the majority of their points from the outside.
-Levi Levine's bad temper.
-Lots and lots of offense, but that's what I expected.

Things we'll need to do on Thursday:
-Man to man coverage with Wynn on J. Wilson and KG on Zoellner. That should limit their points.
-Keep an eye on Lucious Jordan. He didn't play much, after two fouls in the first minute. Their coach was probably saving him for us anyway.
-Make our threes. Hassan, Wynn and Macon are really going to have to perform since they're so strong inside. We should also attack Zoellner with Big O and Coblyn the Goblin and try to get him to rack up some fouls.
-Press? We rarely have used the press this season, but I think it would work well against the Great Danes and fluster them a bit.
-Get a strong conference win.

Side note: Nothing made my chuckle harder this break than the 65 year old blue hair that made up the trombone section of Albany's ragtag pep band. Her and the fat, balding middle aged man on trumpet.

On second thought, nothing made me chuckle harder than learning that Vermont lost to Stony Brook.


At 11:39 PM, Blogger UA said...

how could u have watched the game at all and thought that the Wilson's on the team were brothers? Jamars a black kid from NYC and Brents a white kid from iowa?

At 12:07 AM, Blogger the High Roller said...

Sorry if you got confused. I know it's hard to get my dry sense of humor when you're simply reading it instead of hearing it. The truth is, I've seen Albany play several times, and it's clear that they don't look like brothers.

I'm still not convinced until I see a DNA test though.

At 12:12 AM, Blogger Tall-boy said...

So just because they're from different states means they can't be brothers?? ;)

Kidding - yeah sometimes the High Roller makes no sense to me either, but this time he was joking around.

UA, will you be making the trip out to Boston? If any game was gonna be worth the trip, it's this one!

At 6:58 AM, Anonymous Dr jack said...

It looks like the Danes were looking ahead to BU on Thursday. They were flat in the second half but played great defense in the first half, holding a team that had lost by 9 to #10 Washington a week ago, to only 25 points. BU had better play zone because the Danes have 3 players that can drive to the hoop and score, dish it off or draw the foul.
I notice High Roller didn't mention the dunk Zollner had over the hapless Big Red center. I'm looking forward to seeing him do the same thing over Omari on Thurs.

At 5:07 PM, Blogger ginzo said...

Dr. Jack, Albany has no inside game to save its life. Zoellner is terrible (spell ur own players name right for peet sake). The dane's defense is not particularly good. Nice job on almost losing to Stony Brook, and that was a great loss to a Harvard team missing their only decent player... Speaking of dunks, how about last year when Rashad Bell dunked on Zoellner's head. Maybe Ibe will repeat it this year...

At 12:51 PM, Blogger NYR said...

Don't sit in a zone against UAlbany...just ask Oakland and Cleveland State who both played zone. They will flood the court with 4 quality shooters and their big men will actually be more effective against a zone. It almost reminds them that they have a 7 footer and you dont.

You can zone trap at times and this will give them trouble. Cornell did this in the second half and created a few turnovers.

I would play man and double J.Wilson as soon as it looks like he is going to drive or try to create a shot for himself. He is not a good passer and you will create a lot of turnovers. UAlbany's spacing is very poor against a man-to-man D...keep an eye out for how many times a UAlbany guard will actually hand the ball to another player.

Overplay the entry pass from the point guard to the foul line extended. 90% of there offensive starts with this pass and they never just eliminate this pass and run the offense from the point.

Also look for transition points. UAlbany's transition D is not very good with the exception of the Iowa connection (B. Wilson and Lillis)

At 5:10 PM, Blogger Tall-boy said...

NYR, thanks for your insight. I don't think UA's softness on the transition D is going to hurt them much - I've seen about 10 fast breaks total in all of the time I've been watching Wolff-coached teams!

I would also not advocate a zone for BU - if we're not tight on the outside, J Wilson and Iati are going to light it up all day long.


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