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Monday, January 09, 2006

Little bit worried

Even though it's fairly early in the season, this "journalist" is just a little bit worried right now. I can't really remember the last time we lost to a team in our conference aside from Northeastern and Vermont (exluding our annual playoff choke).

This UMBC loss has me a bit rattled, but there are upsides:
-The powers in the America East are changing, and UMBC has become a decent team with some good players. A loss to them isn't the worst thing.
-It was a fluke loss- as in it was just poor luck that our players bumped into each other. Not much you can do about that.
-It was an away game. Lose to UMBC at home, and that's another story all together.
-People are settling into their roles, and Wolff is learning more about our young players' abilities.

We have a pretty big homestand coming up, and we're gonna need all the people in the stands that we've got, especially when Albany comes to town. Speaking of which, did I mention that Albany is the most boring place to live in and I want school to start up again?


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