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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The San Francisco Treat

The Terriers' holiday tournament in the Bay Area over the next two days, the Cable Car Classic, is somewhat of a homecoming for Kevin Gardner, who is from lovely Palos Verdes, CA. Although I don't know where exactly Palos Verdes is, it's got to be the closest KG has played to home since his freshman year, when the Terriers lost to Stanford 61-57 in the Preseason NIT on national TV (and that was a good Cardinal squad!). This is particularly fitting in light of the huge leadership role KG has taken on this year, and how crucial he will be to winning a game or two out on the left coast. I'll bet he has a few of his homeboyz in the crowd tonight; here's hoping he can light up the bison for 18 and 11 to give em a good show.

On an unrelated note, why can't the Cable Car Classic be broadcast on Cable TV? Is that too much to ask?


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