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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Okay Time to Start Blogging Again

Hey everybody, we're back! Hopefully we didn't lose 100% of our audience over the Christmukwanzukkah break. Well, in case you missed it, the Terriers are on a roll lately; after easily dispatching Canisius, we've won 4 of our last 5 and we just got back two key guys in Tony Gaffney and Ben Coblyn, returning from suspension and an ankle boo-boo respectively.

So as the Terriers are at the peak of its season (thus far), they might be about to run into a brick wall named Bucknell. Bucknell has been one of the most impressive mid-majors of the season so far, gaining a few fans along the way. They bring their 8-1 record and their win over Syracuse, we bring our 4-6 record and our win over New Hampshire.

The keys for us will sticking with what's worked for us lately: solid defense, KG (with a healthy dose of Omari and Cobber) holding down the middle, and Hassan shooting the lights out. This is a good chance to get a win over a real quality opponent, and open some eyes.

Go Terriers!


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