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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Wildcats? More like Mildcats

Jeez Louise. Sometimes you need a game like that, at the roof, to remind you of what BU basketball once was. After the last two games, I think we're getting back to that point again. By the time the tournament rolls around, our team will be pretty solid.

Here's a bunch of things in no particular order:

First of all, it was good to see Coblyn back in uniform. He had a rough first half, but it was good to see some real aggressive play in the paint.

Congrats to Ibe for scoring without touching the rim. Not only did he make a free throw, but he made a lay-up as well! He's proven his worth to me.

Hassan cannot miss, it seems. Although in reality he did miss a couple times, but after 6 minutes left, he was draining 3's just to be a bitch to the other team, and I like that. You could tell he wasn't trying. 18 points for the frosh.

Macon and BIG O are doing exactly what they need to do. Macon's makin jumpers (first three shots of the game) and BIG O's making almost all of his fade-aways. Stellar games by both.

We got to see time out of Marques Johnson and Brendan Sullivan, which I enjoyed. Johnson's got some moves, baby.

Great rebounding as a team, esp. from Ibe and BIG O.

2nd game in a row with 4 players in double digit scoring. This is a trend I'd love to see continue.

Though Gardner wasn't too dominant, you know it's a blow-out when he's pulled with more than 10 minutes left.

We've done a much better job of getting the ball inside, as a whole.

Only 11 turnovers, and only 1 by Macon??? That's very good news.

To be honest, I really didn't see much at all wrong with our play tonight. Chalk that up to the pretty sweet buzz I had going on during the game, or chalk that up to our great play. I choose the latter. This game made me feel a lot safer about our handling of the AE teams.

Player of the Game:

It's gotta be my man BIG O
Finally, we get to see him play the way we expected him to. I tell ya, he made fade away after fade away. This kid's gonna be dangerous down low. Another career high with 16, as well as 8 boards in only 20 minutes.


At 5:34 PM, Anonymous Number One Fan said...

You are dead on in all your comments. It was a very good team effort all the way around. Great shooting percentage. But UNH didn't have anyone who wanted to play physcial dowm low and as a result O and Big Ben were able to do some damage. Other AE teams aren't this soft and our guys need to learn to bang the boards hard!
Shaun Wynn was solid and unselfish on both ends of the court. Macon's penetration resulted in Ventrano's sitting on the pine most of the second half.

Number One Fan


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