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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Come December

Well I'm pretty excited, I just bought my plane ticket down to DC for the George Washington game on December 2nd. Tall-boy is organizing a group event for the BU alumni in Washington to go to the game, and I figured it was as good enough an excuse to get the hell out of Boston for a weekend. Should be a pretty good game. It'll be fun to go to an away game with a fanbase of more than just me, my brother, and my brothers unemployable friend who lives at home.

Not much else can really be said right now, because that's a month away. At this point, I'd explain how these two teams match up, but no one has played any games yet, and I don't care to research George Washington's Basketball team right now Give it a few weeks into the season and we'll figure out a game plan. Besides, we've got more important things to worry about right now. For example, will that girl I'm trying to get with, who looks like Brooke Burns, be at our party tonight? And if so, will she be drunk?

16 days.


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