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Monday, October 31, 2005

If I were in Coach Wolffs' shoes...

...I wouldn't have to go to school and live in a tiny basement room with no windows. But, more importantly, I'd be able to decide the starting five for our first game. Even though the sad reality is that I'll never occupy Wolff's shoes, I'll go ahead and give you my ideal starting line-up, or basically just a prediction of what it will be.

Center- Gotta go with my man KG on this one. He's the only one that I've seen who can play that position. But since Rashad was there every game last year, we didn't get to see much. I think KG will have a great season.

Forward- I believe Tony Gaffney will start i most of the games. He got some playing time towards the end of last year. With arms that stretch out to next week, he brings momentum to their side with a press that often results in a turnover. This kids the not so immediate future of BU basketball. As in next year.

Forward- This, I still haven't decided. For me, it's between Big O (Omari) and Ben Coblyn. I remember Big O saying something like that during the summer. It's hard to judge because Coblyn played only a few minutes last year, and Omari didn't play that much either. Omari needs to play much more aggressively. And according to him, there's a very hardworking, aggressive freshman forward who may give him some competition.

Guard- Shawn Wynn deserves to be out there, for if nothing else, his experience. He's a great defender, but on offense, he needs to focus on his strengths, such as moving the ball and making cuts to the hoop. It hurts the team every time his stats for a game are 2 points, 0-4 from the arc.

Guard- According to Tall-boy, Corey Hassan is a pretty hyped freshman who is a great shooting guard. I know nothing about him, especially if he is able to run the point. If he can manage the ball well, we could be in good shape. I do think it is good idea to throw the kid out there from the start, see how he adapts. I'd rather he run the point than Wynn. If he adapts well, he could be our Sorrentein, or Barea, or our new Chaz Carr. If he can't handle the pressure, well, those of you who remember Pat Martin will know what to expect. Pat Martin got so nervous every time he got the ball, he just wasn't effective, and he's off the team now. I say give the new kid a chance, if he can't handle it, give it to Bryan Geffen.

Those are my predictions, take them for what you want. Feel free to leave your own predictions.

15 days.


At 2:07 AM, Blogger Tall-boy said...

I like your picks, but I dont think Hassan will be able to run the point - I would guess he's more of a shooter. Think you're dead-on with KG, Gaffney, Wynn and Big O though.

We might both be wrong though, if Wolff decides to go 3 guards/2 forwards when Omari is not in the game!


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