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Monday, November 24, 2008

Delayed Wrap-up/Props to John Holland

I don't know how much of a wrap-up is needed for Saturday's win over St. Peters. We controlled to whole game, and it shouldn't have been as close as it was. Towards the end, it looked like the Terriers thought they were supposed to let St. Peters catch up so that they could go to overtime. Maybe they're getting used to it?

Also, the Terriers thought it would be fun to embarass me by making my predictions look like they were made by a complete moron, which I'm obviously not. We won 67-62, not 81-66. Only two players scored in double digits, instead of five. Jake O'Brien had a good game, but did not get a double-double. And I never made it to "In-N-Out" to get a double-double of my own, but that's mostly my fault.

I even overshot my attendance estimate by two hundred people, which is pathetic. 600 people showed up, which is the one of the worst showings since that Stony Brook game when 159 people showed up.

But we won, and that's the important part. John Holland was dominant once again. He scored 26 points, even though he did little else (2 boards, no steals, blocks, or assists). Yet it was good enough to earn him America East Co-Player of the Week.

Congrats John, you've had a great start to the season, and I'm anticipating many more of these awards from you this season.


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