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Friday, March 07, 2008

Time to tame the Danes

So it comes down to this. We need to beat a team that we haven't beaten in 3 years, or the season is over.

Albany was one of the two teams (along with UMBC) that we didn't beat this year, and neither was really a close game. In the first game, Brian Lillis was everywhere on the court dumping 27 points on us, and we were severly out-rebounded on both ends of the court. In the second game, just 6 days ago, BU kept it close since Lillis had foul trouble, but contributions from young guys like Josh Martin and Al Turley put the Danes out front. Both were over 10-point losses.

But the tournament is a different animal. Luckily for us, Martin and Turley jinxed themselves by getting mohawks, along with Brett Gifford, the dumbest-looking kid alive. I can't wait to see these. They are going to regret doing this to themselves.

On the other side, you have BU. Coach Wolff undoubtedly has them focused on the task at hand. They aren't fazed by the prospect of beating a team that has already beaten them twice. In a year when seeds #1 through #7 don't matter much, this is a good year to be a #6. I have all the confidence in the world that Wolff can outcoach Will Brown and come up with a game-plan to win.

It's going to take big contributions from John Holland, Corey Lowe and Scott Brittain. Add to that the return of Tyler Morris, who has come back from injury and has been practicing like normal since Wednesday, and Carlos Strong, who will both need to put up some points.

These guys can do this.

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