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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Race for #2

As this America East conference season winds down, one team (UMBC) has distinguished itself as the clear leader, and three teams (UNH, Maine, Stony Brook) have distinguished themselves as trailing the pack. What remains in the middle is a muddled mess of teams fighting it out for the 2-6 seeds.

A quick look to the right sidebar reveals standings that look like this (as of 2/26):

2. Hartford (9-5)
3. Boston University (8-6)
4. Albany (8-6)
5. Binghamton (8-6)
6. Vermont (8-6)

The big prize for any of these teams is the #2 spot. Landing in this position means a date with the significantly less scary UNH, and more importantly avoids and of the other 2-6 teams until the Semi-Finals. For BU, the coveted #2 spot is still within reach, but they need some help.

BU will not sweep any of the teams in the top 6, so winning a tie-breaker is unlikely (and even if it weren't, who the hell knows what tie-breakers the AE has set up). So winning the spot outright is BU's best chance. Here's how it could happen (only meaningful games are listed):

Wed, Feb 27
Alb at Bing

Thu, Feb 28
Hart at BU

Sat, Mar 1
Bing at SBU

Sun, Mar 2
BU at Alb
Maine at UVM
UMBC at Hart

None of that seems terribly unreasonable - and it would only require one win by UNH/Maine/Stony Brook (either UNH or Maine beating Vermont... and UNH always plays Vermont tough at home). Those game results would create this final standing:

2. Boston University (10-6)
3. Hartford (9-7)
4. Albany (9-7)
5. Binghamton (9-7)
6. Vermont (9-7)

Not bad. We can't control what any of those other teams do, but it all starts with takin' care of bidness ourselves, and that means putting a whuppin on UHa tomorrow night.

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